Press Release:


Hopefest: A Celebration of Faith, Community, and Inspiration – Sponsored by Frank Scurlock


NEW ORLEANS, LA – On Sunday, August 27, from 8 am to 8 pm, the people of Louisiana are invited to join together for Hopefest, a festival of faith, fellowship, and family fun at the Seabrook Boat Launch, on Leon C. Simon & Hayne Blvd. This remarkable event, sponsored by Frank Scurlock, candidate for governor in Louisiana, offers an engaging and vibrant schedule of activities, free for all attendees.


A Day of Unity and Faith
Hopefest begins with an uplifting Morning Prayer Service at 8 am, setting the spiritual tone for a day filled with joy and worship. As the sun rises, the celebration continues with music provided by DJs until 11 am, followed by performances from Worship Teams that will surely elevate spirits.


Frank Scurlock, an ardent supporter of community development and spiritual growth, has helped orchestrate a dynamic line-up of activities, including:
• Recommitment Ceremonies: A chance for couples to renew their vows and strengthen their bonds.
• Baptisms: A moment of profound spiritual renewal, held every hour on the hour.
• Live Streaming: Those who cannot attend in person can join virtually through YouTube and other online platforms.
• Inspiring Speakers: Reverend Wallace from the Coalition for Change, along with other influential speakers, will share their wisdom and insights.
• FIREWORKS @ 8 PM: A dazzling display to cap off an unforgettable day of faith and fellowship.


Family-Friendly Fun
In addition to the spiritual engagements, Hopefest also brings a variety of family-friendly entertainments, including:
• Inflatables: A bounce-around good time for the young and young-at-heart.
• Food: Delicious local fare to satisfy all tastes.
• Music: An array of musical genres to set a joyous atmosphere.
• Movies: Inspirational films for reflection and enjoyment.


Calling All Talents
Hopefest invites CHURCH choirs, musicians, and motivational speakers to participate and add their voices to this extraordinary event. If you are passionate about faith, community, and inspiring others, Hopefest wants to hear from you.


A Message from Frank Scurlock
Frank Scurlock, an advocate for unity, community growth, and spiritual well-being, and the generous sponsor of Hopefest, shared his excitement: “Hopefest is more than a festival; it’s a call to unity, love, and community engagement. We invite everyone to join us in this celebration of faith, family, and the human spirit. Together, we can inspire hope and positive change.”


Join the Celebration
Hopefest promises a day of joy, inspiration, and community connection. With activities designed for all ages, it’s a free event that promises to uplift and unite the people of Louisiana.


For information text: 407-973-4018